(Product should be kept off the ground and protected from the elements in a dry environment with a breathable waterproof cover that allows air to circulate. Material should be given time to acclimate to its surrounding ambient moisture level. To prevent product shrinkage on the home, it should not be installed with a moisture reading above 18%. Siding should be installed with a minimum of 8” off the ground and ends and cut edges sealed to prevent moisture uptake.)

All end cuts, rips and nail holes must be sealed with a high quality oil based primer during the installation process. It protects your wood from moisture absorption and is a requirement of the EnduraPlus warranty. When doing joinery, coat both ends to be joined with glue. The glue takes place of primer in this application.

Hand nailing is recommended so that the factory applied coating system will not be broken. If a nail gun is used, precise adjustment of air pressure is necessary to achieve proper penetration. Nails should be counter sunk 1/16” and sealed with oil based primer or putty. This should be done at time of installation to prevent moisture absorption. Drilling near the ends is always recommended as a precaution to avoid any possibility of end splitting.

EnduraPlus should not be installed within 6” of unsealed (natural) ground and not within 3” of a free draining hard surface such as concrete, asphalt or bricks.

To nail EnduraPlus, hot-dipped galvanized, high tensile aluminum or stainless steel nails are recommended. Even though the active ingredients used in the EnduraPlus treatment are non-corrosive to nails and fasteners, the use of 316 Stainless Steel nails is recommended within 10 miles of salt water.

Spot prime nail holes with oil based primer. Sealing should done immediately after the boards are installed to minimize moisture absorption that could cause temporary dimensional swelling around the nail hole. In temperatures less than 40°F use cold weather caulking sealants.

All nailing should be over studs and total effective penetration into a solid wood base should be at least 1-1/2”, to comply with best industry practices.

EnduraPlus is made out of Radiata Pine and kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content. Like any kiln dried wood EnduraPlus will absorb moisture when exposed to continuous or wind driven rain and extended periods of very high humidity. If the installation instructions are not followed, moisture can penetrate into nail holes, end cuts and rips that are not sealed and temporary dimensional swelling may occur. If swelling is evident, the product should be given time to dry out and return to its equilibrium moisture content and manufactured dimensions before application of any final coating system.

See minimum ground clearance instructions.

Any standard wood glue may be used with EnduraPlus products. EnduraPlus is not intended for structural uses, and where impact adhesives are to be used or highly stressed glue joints are to be made (e.g. glue laminated beams), specific advice should be sought from EnduraPlus.

Putties, mastics and sealers should be compatible with alkyd (oil-based) paints to be suitable for use with EnduraPlus. Always seek advice from a reputable manufacturer and follow manufacturers instructions. Use cold weather VOC Compliant caulking or sealants. Caulk, air and surfaces should be above 0º F. 

(When pre-primed material is cut during field application, the cut end must be field primed and preserved prior to installation. This frequently overlooked step is very important since moisture moves much more rapidly through the end-grain than the face of the wood. Nail holes should also be filled and preserved immediately after installation to prevent the uptake of moisture. Factory pre-primed surfaces should be painted within 30 days of installation, or dirt, moisture and chalking may prevent bonding and shorten the life of the paint film. If the material is allowed to weather for an extended time, clean and prime all surfaces again prior to topcoat application.)

EnduraPlus is supplied with a 2 coat oil- based prime system backed by a 1 year limited paint warranty by PPG. All end cuts and rips must be sealed with a good quality oil based primer. All nail holes must be filled during installation to prevent moisture intake. EnduraPlus needs to be finish coated within 12 months of installation. Where necessary, remove all soft and chalky paint, dirt, pollen and other debris and sand to a smooth even finish. Follow paint manufacturers application instructions.

(Painting provides the best protection for kiln-dried Advantage Plus siding, trim boards and moulding. Two coats of high quality, 100% acrylic latex paint are recommended, thus stretching and shrinking with the wood and allowing some passage of water vapor. These characteristics prevent the cracking and blistering that sometimes occurs with an oil or alkyd resin based topcoat. Primer is not intended to be used as a finish coat. Finish coats must be applied within 90 days of installation. To avoid future separation between paint coats, the second topcoat should be applied within two weeks of the first coat. If longer than 90 days, re-prime with a high-quality exterior grade primer.
Finish coats should provide a minimum thickness of 4 dry mils (2 dry mils per coat). Finish coats or topcoats can be applied to broad surfaces by roller or spray, but brush application is the superior application method, especially for the first coat. Do not use low quality oil or alkyd paints, vinyl acetate (PVA), vinyl acrylic or vinyl acetate acrylic co-polymer paints. Do not paint in wet or cold conditions. We do not recommend Finish coating below 50º F. Always follow the paint manufacturer’s application guidelines when top coating. All surface and End Cuts must be primed again and final coated in place if they are exposed to weather.
When choosing the finish coat color, it is important to note the benefits of using a lighter color or shade of paint. Lighter colors reflect more heat than darker colors. Dark colors absorb heat which is another enemy of wood. Heat dries out wood and can cause shrinkage and warping. Using a light color can extend the life of sidings and fascia and is highly recommended.)

Apply premium quality exterior house paint to the manufacturer’s specification within 12 months of installation.

The use of colors with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 45 or greater is recommended. Dark colors can generate temperatures in excess of 185 degrees.

EnduraPlus products should be stored off the ground and under cover to keep them clean and dry, however the product protection should allow the wood to breathe. Inside storage is best but should not be in direct contact with a concrete floor.

(Primed lumber should be stored off the ground in a covered building and out of the weather. For best results, let wood products reach an equilibrium with the local climate by storing them for at least fifteen days in a well-ventilated shelter.

DO store wood in a garage or shed
with adequate air circulation for best
protection from the elements.

DO keep wood dry. If it can’t be kept
under a roof, protect it with a water
proof cover. Make sure the cover is
secure but loose enough to permit air

DO store wood off ground and
protected from dirt, moisture, direct
sunlight and extreme heat. 

DON’T keep wood wrapped tightly
in plastic covers. Loosen wrappers at
job site to permit air circulation.

DON’T leave wood in the sun or
covered in dark plastic. The dark
cover will attract heat and cause
excess drying.

DON’T let wood get wet or dirty.
When storing lumber near the
ground, place a plastic cover over
soil to minimize moisture absorption
causing shrinkage and swelling.)

For all advice and information relating to handling, storage, installation and painting of EnduraPlus products, please consult a representative at your EnduraPlus distributor.

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